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Jeff Tomasulo - Vespula Capital

Keith Kefgen - AETHOS Consulting Group

Thor Harris - Percepture Founder

Scott Carter - Lear Capital CEO

Jesse Wild

“Gary gave me a professionally successful direction and I have personal happiness. It’s been an absolutely incredible experience.”

Jesse Wild, Salt Lake City, Ut
MAT Specialist and Entrepreneur

Jim Michalczak

“If you’re interested in this program, it’s well worth your time, your money and your effort.”

Jim Michalczak, Orchard Park, NY
Retired Automotive Executive

Bill Knoche

“He knows people and he knows how to coach different people.”

Bill Knoche, Hamburg, NY
Outlaw Sales Coach

Tina Dietz

“I wholeheartedly agree with Gary’s integrated approach”

Tina Dietz, Costa Rica
The Voice to over 10,000 Thriving Businesses

Ryan Jones

“Gary is a master motivator.”

Ryan Jones, Geneva, Switzerland
Fortune 500 Executive

Tristan Hujer

“I am a new man. You are my sensei.”

Tristan Hujer, Buffalo, NY