The 4 Disguised Lies Killing Your Mind, Body, & Spirit

We are a culture of lies.

These lies are killing us.

Our minds and bodies are polluted with 4 lies that zap our energy, destroying our mental and physical health. Sometimes we know these lies occur and sometimes they are disguised as supposed truths. They’re silent killers.

Then, we repeat these lies. The initial propaganda is so strong, we accept these messages as truths, without even questioning it.

We become sheep.

We end up feeling frustrated, confused, tired and helpless. Below the surface, we may feel broken and empty with inner pain becoming normal. I’m here to change that for you. You don’t have to be trapped, feel lost or helpless anymore. 

Your Simple Zone: The 4 Disguised Lies Killing Your Mind, Body, & Spirit will uncover the 4 major lies that are creating Your havoc and show You the fixes. This book is Your chance. It’s Your opportunity for a new beginning. To start thinking freely, choosing new habits and taking control of Your life.

Before you get “Your Simple Zone,” and start Your journey toward Winning feelings, we have a few items to clarify:

This book is 67 pages and approximately 17,000 words. It is simple, direct, hard-hitting and loaded with content. Most people say “fluff” does not exist in this book. This means, you’re not paying by the word
Purchasing this book is an investment in value. Is it worth 9.99 USD for
you to change your life ? (A month of cable TV costs 8x that much).

If you’re an atheist, this book will have no value. You must believe you’re created by a higher power.

If you’re close-minded, a blamer or a hater of everything, either open your mind or kindly leave. Your Simple Zone is for big boys and girls who are tired of losing in business, sports & life. This book provides real, direct and hard-hitting fixes for your problems.

You’ve been a victim to this point. Now is your chance to end all that frustration, confusion, and helplessness…that tired feeling of losing can go away. You have the chance to start fresh. Renewed hope is here if you’re willing to follow and implement the teachings within Your Simple Zone: 4 Disguised Lies Killing Your Mind Body & Spirit.

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Jesse Wild

“Gary gave me a professionally successful direction and I have personal happiness. It’s been an absolutely incredible experience.”

Jesse Wild, Salt Lake City, Ut
MAT Specialist and Entrepreneur

Jim Michalczak

“If you’re interested in this program, it’s well worth your time, your money and your effort.”

Jim Michalczak, Orchard Park, NY
Retired Automotive Executive

Bill Knoche

“He knows people and he knows how to coach different people.”

Bill Knoche, Hamburg, NY
Outlaw Sales Coach

Tina Dietz

“I wholeheartedly agree with Gary’s integrated approach”

Tina Dietz, Costa Rica
The Voice to over 10,000 Thriving Businesses

Ryan Jones

“Gary is a master motivator.”

Ryan Jones, Geneva, Switzerland
Fortune 500 Executive

Tristan Hujer

“I am a new man. You are my sensei.”

Tristan Hujer, Buffalo, NY