Keep Your Hands Separate

Hold out your hands away from your body, palms up.

Pick one hand as your “service hand.”

The other hand is your “receiving hand.”

If you give of yourself (serving) and expect an equal return (receiving), you will never have lasting success. You will become disappointed, frustrated and angry. You will end up aborting your quest to change your philosophy and go back to your old, non- progressive ways. I know this because I confused my service hand and receiving hand. I thought that if I became more of a giver to my church, my community, gave all my energy to my clients and to my family, I would receive immediate return in the form of money, fabulous clients and complete happiness in return. Not true!

You must give without intention of receiving in return.
Give from the heart because you want to help others and by serving your world with the talents God gave you. You must keep your hands separated. It must be authentic and true.There is an important distinction to be made here. This does not mean you giveaway your merchandise or services if that is how you make a living. You may market your business and strategize your business how you feel appropriate.

I am suggesting that you wake up every morning with the attitude of a servant who has a purpose that is centered around giving without receiving.
This attitude should be maintained throughout the day. Regardless of how much you give, expect nothing in return other than your advertised price, rate or pre-determined business agreement.

It is now your responsibility to keep your hands as far apart as possible when you serve others at work, in the community at home or anywhere.